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  1. Default What's needed to start fly tying?

    I'm looking to start up fly tying and I was just wondering what supplies I would need to start up. Just looking for the basics. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: What's needed to start fly tying?

    There is a thread in the FAQ section. It should answer your query.


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    Default Re: What's needed to start fly tying?

    If you still have questions after reading that thread Dennis linked, feel free to ask. But let us know what you want to tie.

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    Default Re: What's needed to start fly tying?

    I think that a real factor will be how much money do you want to put into this. Once that is determined we can work forward from there. If the dough is unlimited then by all means get the best you can find in tools and materials. If the budget is (for instance) $50 dollars, then we have a point to work from as well.


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  5. Default Re: What's needed to start fly tying?

    Thanks for the help fellas! I'm looking to tie just some nymphs like hares ears and phesants tails to start and some dry flies like the basic caddis'. I'm look to spend about $50. Not trying to spend a crazy amount to start off.

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    As you have mentioned it's a good idea to start Tying The Flies you mostly use then progress however you have to have some Wooly Buggers,they are quite easy to Tie as well as they are good Fish Catchers.
    The main Basic items are,of course a Vyce,Threads,Hooks,Scissors & Hackle Pliers,you can use a Needle in a Cork for a Dubbing Needle,some Head Cement,Nail Polish is OK & Cheap,also some Feathers,Dubbing,I find Mohair or Synthetic Yarns Beaut.
    I've mentioned before it's surprising what you can buy in The $2,Craft Shops etc,especially around Xmas time,lots of Tyers source materials from FRESH Road Kills.
    You will find it won't take long to build up a collection of Materials,I've been Collecting/Buying materials for many,many years,a couple of years ago I had a huge Cull of unwanted gear,even though I'm down to The Stuff I now use,looking around I still have heaps.
    There are quite a few places whose materials are quite reasonable priced I've found over The Years & believe me I've sourced them from all around The World,if you ever need help where to buy stuff shoot me a PM as most are in The US.


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    Default Re: What's needed to start fly tying?

    I wrote this up a while back, maybe this will help.

    cheap and effective fly tying

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