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Thread: Epoxy Brand

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    I use the brand "UHU", but I don´t know if it is available in the US. Often I did prepare too much of that material at the same time, so I use a crown cap and a tooth pick to mix the right amount for one streamer.

    And there is another advantage - Now, I have a reason to drink a bottle of beer to get enough crown caps
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    I use and sell solareze uv products, drys clear..
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    Quote Originally Posted by chased View Post
    I would look into Bugbond UV resin. It isn't cheap but it is some great stuff.
    So I finally picked up some Bug Bond and had a chance to tie with it. WOW, this stuff is the best epoxy I've used. The Original Lite makes excellent coverings such as what you'd use for Copper Johns. I can see the Lite stuff being excellent with smaller flies, like Two Bits or smaller CJ's.

    I'd imagine for something like a scud back or where a thicker coat is needed the original formula would be the way to go?

    I am officially converted. Great stuff. Anyone who's not happy with their current product or curious about trying something different should look no further.
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    Try Finney's flies epoxy - best that I've used


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    I've recently started using CCG and have not been disappointed.. A quick coat of Sally's and the tack is gone

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    Yeah, I'm a CCG fan myself, love the stuff!
    - A.J.

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    I use Flex Coat rod building epoxy. Have never had a problem with it.

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    Devcon 2-Ton

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    Jor Fly:

    I don't know which Epoxy you got, because Gorilla Glue makes one that dries clear, and one that dries white. Perhaps you picked up the white by mistake?

    I currently use either DevCon or Loctite Epoxy.
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    Had the same problem as you until I found "clear" epoxy. Wish that I could tell you the brand, but just have the double tube with no label.

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