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Thread: Epoxy Brand

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    Default Epoxy Brand

    I'm looking for a good epoxy brand that will dry clear and stay clear.

    I made some Copper Johns using both Gorilla Glue and Loctite 5 minute epoxy and allowed 24 hours of cure time (I used both brands to test which would be best since both were very radily available). However upon use, flies made with both brands showed that the epoxy had turned a milky white color. I have since made more flies and added a coating of "hard as nails" polish. This seems to have solved the problem, but I'd like to have a good epoxy to use that doesn't require a second coat.

    P.S. The water the flies were fished in was a class 2 stream (KY classifies streams 1-4 with 1 being cleanest and 4 being dirtiest). The water temp. was ~ 65 degrees.

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    Default Re: Epoxy Brand

    had that problem with Loon too.. I went back to Z-Poxy.. never had an issue

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    Default Re: Epoxy Brand

    I've been using Devcon brand for many years, as I can get it locally at hardware stores. However, I don't use the 5 minute stuff. It yellows badly, and I often coat painted poppers & such with epoxy, so I don't want it to turn yellow. Plus, I prefer to do epoxy work in large batches, coating as many as 50 flies at a time, and 5 minute epoxy is not good for doing this. Instead, I use the 60 or 90 minute, which takes longer to set up, but when mixed properly, stays clear for a very long time. Seems the faster the set time, the more & faster it yellows.

    I have a popper body that I made several years ago, painted white & epoxy coated & it still looks white. Although it probably has some yellowing, but not enough to notice a significant change.

    I've not had the issue you've had, except when thinning with alcohol that has a higher water content, such as isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and the milky white only seems to stay that way until after it sets, then it gets clear as it hardens. I generally only thin epoxy when using it to coat popper bodies.

    I now opt for thinning with ethyl alcohol sold as camp stove fuel, which has a very low water content.
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    Default Re: Epoxy Brand

    Clear cure goo .have great results. With all clear cure goo on foam and wing cases must use a good uv light . Easier to work than mixing epoxy.

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    I would look at the Uv cured resins that are now available.
    Personally i use Bug-Bond which has the market share in the UK.

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    Default Re: Epoxy Brand

    I used to always use a good 20 minute epoxy. It didn't yellow and dried hard and strong. 5 minute expoxy seemed a bit weaker and turned yellow after time.
    I've been trying to get a bit more modern with my tying and got ahold of a mix of Clear Cure Goo products. I know it's all the rage but some of it still dries with a tacky finish that requires extra fidgeting with. I may break down and try some of the newer, supposedly nonsticky CCG but for now I lean towards Puglisi's 20 minute epoxy.

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    Default Re: Epoxy Brand

    In the past I've used the Loon product which never really held up even with a coating or two of Sally Hansen's over top. Then I switched to a 5 min epoxy, which certainly has durability but is difficult to work with. I'm going to give CCG Hydro a shot, I have been hearing very good things about that.

    Anyone have experience with the Hydro product that can share experience?
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    Default Re: Epoxy Brand

    I would look into Bugbond UV resin. It isn't cheap but it is some great stuff.

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    Default Re: Epoxy Brand

    My fly fishing club here at Penn State provides an alcohol based head cement for dues paying members. This being an alcohol based product does not harm the environment not sure what it is called but it works really well

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    Default Re: Epoxy Brand

    I'm casting another vote for Clear Cure Goo. That stuff rocks.
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