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Thread: Fantastic Dry Flies

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    Default Fantastic Dry Flies

    I've begun tying for my upcoming trip i'm going to be taking to the trout parks and was workign on a lot of nymphs, BUT i tied a couple of dries and just love tyign them so much more.

    When fishing or tying, do you prefer parachute patterns or standard patterns? I've been working on a lot of parachute and standard Adam's and i really seem to like the look of the parachute, and enjoy tying it more. Another parachute question, do you all use a different color post for each size so you can easily tell which fly is which size in your box? It seem sto be an easy time saver i think when on the water.

    Onto standard dries, when tyign something like an Adam's Do you tie in th extra wings in under the hackle and would not tying them really have any effect on fishing? They take extra and I feel unnesscesary time. When I look at them from below they can't be seen anyway?


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    Lancer I believe that parachutes and duns both have there place, but I have always had a prefrence for quill wing duns (in #16-20) this may be because I grew up fishing the Matarua rise, duns was all I used for many years

    Diffrent colours are a good idea, after a while you will be able too tell just by looking at them.

    You can argue wings both ways, I think if the fish is under the fly it cant tell. But if off too the side I cant see why on sparse patterns the fish wouldnt notice. I use too leave them out, but they are easer for you too see if you have them while they are on the water. for very sparse duns I always tie them on (1-2 turns of your best hackle for slow water and wary fish) this is normaly what I fish, There are classic Duns for NZ that specify you match 2 sets of quil slips for duribility these are my favorites.

    For a start they will take longer but you will get better at it and then it will only take a few minutes.


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