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    Greetings, All...

    Duck season is approaching and I'd like to honor the birds and utilize them fully by offering up some feathers as the season progresses, free - of course.

    I usually am able to take wood ducks, teal, whistling ducks, gadwall (occasionally), Florida Mottled ducks, and various diver species (Scaup, ringnecks, redheads, an occasional canvasback.

    Although I dont like to eat them, Id be willing to take a hooded merganser or two (the cat loves them) -- the flank and other feathers of this species would probably make for an excellent fly.

    Please contact me at: if interested.



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    Default Re: Duck Feathers, Free to Good Home

    Very generous of you to take the time to come on here and offer this! I know people will be jumping on the wood duck!

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