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    Trying to teach my self how to apply collars an such to my flies and I'm failing miserably. Either cross cut rabbit or hackle... Is there a GOOD video that shows this? I know I just started tying and all... But this seems like it should be easy for me to do and I can't figure it out!!!!! Thanks as always. Tim.

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    Check this Thread for a hackle SBS

    For cross cut rabbit you're gonna want to make the tie in point long and narrow and pointed, and the strip should be as thin as possible if you want more than one or two wraps.
    This SBS uses cross cut rabbit for the body

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    Tim, what size hooks are you trying to tie with the rabbit? I've found that below about a size 8, unless you're wrapping a body, is not as easy as on larger size hooks. A collar would be difficult on a small size hook with rabbit on the skin, so it's a better bet to use just the fur. Different method as you're not wrapping, but similar result with smaller hooks.

    A tip I've found to help when wrapping rabbit is to wet your fingers & stroke the fur fibers out of the way as you wrap.

    Hackle collars are easy, but not if the feather is too short. With experience it can be done regardless of the hackle sizing, but that would make the process more difficult to accomplish for a novice. The same wetting tip can work with hackle too, particularly very soft or wispy hackle.

    Here's some things that may help:

    Hen Hackle Demystified - Global FlyFisher

    [ame=]Beginner Fly Tying Tips - Part Eleven: The Adams.wmv - YouTube[/ame]

    Wet Fly Hackles Tying Steps
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    Using the technique for saltwater flies. Size 1 and 2 mostly. Thanks guys ill look over these videos

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    So I should cut the rabbit strip to be narrow at the point?

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