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    Default Re: Creating "air bubble" effect on the cheap

    Pretty good ideaI also like using weird materials...will post a SBS soon

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    Default Re: Creating "air bubble" effect on the cheap

    Good stuff. I know I'm always bringing up Mr. LaFontaine when this kind of discussion arises...and this is the perfect time!

    Gary was an innovative tyer, even the hardcore traditional tyer has to appreciate his approach to making imitations and impressions of bugs with odd materials.

    The air bubbles he saw while diving in trout streams intrigued him, to say the least. One of the materials he came up with to mimic this effect is the thin open-cell foam sheeting that is used a packaging material for many products. You have some somewhere in your house. It is a wonderful free material for wing buds and does some amazing things when you wrap a thin strip over a dubbed mayfly body.

    Here is my version of LaFontaine's "Halo Midge emerger" I tied for a swap last year, #20 xl.

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