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  1. Default First attempt at a salmon fly

    Thunder and lightning
    Had to use what I had at hand
    Ostrich not right quality, did'nt have black floss so used thread, didn't get the tapering of the thread correct and the uneveness of the rib always looks worse in the picture.

    Comments, criticisms and suggestions welcomed.


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    Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    Not to shabby for a first attempt! Just keep at it and you start to get a feel for the proportions and you find little tricks that suit your tying for the tapering.
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    Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    Wonderful for a first go at it Hugh!

    Have you looked at the Salmon Fly Tie Along that Pocono Ran about a year back? It will be helpful maybe.
    This will link you to the thread;

    Good Work,


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  6. Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    Thanks guys. Ard: thanks for the link, I found the stretch unifloss/burnishing trick so will be in business.

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    Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    Looks like you're off to a good start!

    Other than learning to work with the different feathers and feather barbs; which simply takes time, the most important consideration, I think, in tying ASF's is to keep your wraps to a minimum. Material build-up is the most challenging aspect of tying most ASF patterns (from the butt to the head; although the head is where most people have the greatest challenges). So, keep your thread flat, use a minimum of thread wraps; unwrap and re-wrap wherever you can as you tie in more materials and smooth your work as you go along.

    Also, although the temptation with ASF's is to tie up a whole lot of different patterns (probably because there are so many interesting, attractive patterns to tie up), I think that the best path forward is to tie up the same pattern multiple times. Say, for instance, tie up a dozen of your first pattern; the Thunder and Lightning. You'll be amazed at the difference between your first and last fly.

    Have fun and don't forget to fish the patterns that you tie. In my opinion, that first pattern of yours would do just fine for fishing salmon. Ard would be the expert in that area.


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    Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    Very Good for a First attempt,The Salmon Flies I tied years ago were The Real Simple ones.
    I would be more than Happy if my 1st attempt was as good tying one of The Classics.

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    Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    Nice job. I have never ventured into the Salmon flies. They are very challenging and take real patience to master. I agree with what one above said about picking one pattern, (like the one you tied) and tying a dozen of them. As you go you'll figure out the little things to make it right (or as close to perfect) by the 9th or 10th try.
    BTW it looks like you did a lot of things really well in your first attempt.
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  11. Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    LaJolla: that looks very nice.

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    Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    Looks pretty good to a newbie like me. Have the impression that fish aren't as critical of wrap uniformity, etc. as I am of my efforts.

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    Default Re: First attempt at a salmon fly

    I am guessing that only the fly tying critics would find any fault in this...I'm pretty sure the salmon would eat it in a heart beat!
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