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Thread: TFM Collection

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    That's cool, I'm trying to find a decent Sherline 4000 for doing cork and ferrule stations. Lets just say there's not all that many in the used department, maybe Santa will see this and have pity on me!
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    Ouch, a 12' glass is $600.00. Given a new rod/reel is on it's way (cheque sent Wednesday) ... beyond my lust at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s fontinalis View Post
    Not sure how many of you read The Fiberglass Manifesto blog.
    I tied these flies up based on the comrade collection and artwork Cameron has running right now.

    I have individual photos of all the flies, but a couple are blurry, so i need to retake them tomorrow when the light is good in the morning.

    Until then, i hope you like the group shot.


    Nice looking flies, Eunan.

    I used to spend quite a bit of time on that forum and sent Cameron one of my 5 wt. Wonderod Purists models to test out a couple of year ago. We both liked that rod.

    There's something about the feel of glass; for me; just like there's something about the feel of cane. Having said that, I'm about 80% graphite at this point; probably due to two things; 1. availability, and 2. because I went through a long period where I confused the ability to cast long with having fun fly fishing. As presentation has now taken a front row seat for me; I'm coming back to the glass/cane mode; more and more................

    Again, great looking flies!


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    Addicted To Vise Flies

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