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    Default Allen Fly Fishing- A+

    Just wanted to give more praise to Allen Fly Fishing! Everything from them I have ever used is top-notch and I hope to continue to support this company. Being 16 and a high-school student (who loves to tie flies) I really appreciate the pricing of their fly tying products, among other things.

    I've tied with Daiichi's and Tiemco's, and can honestly say that AFF makes a hook their equal. I've tied with other hooks close to the price of the AFF hooks but have always disliked how easily the others have broken, or how dull they were. The Daiichi and Tiemco hooks were a vast improvement- but when you tie a lot of flies they get pricy. Spending $6 for 25 hooks may not seem too bad but being on a budget it it just too much.

    I have switched over to AFF hooks and have been really impressed. For less than half the price of the high end hooks you get a sharp, durable hook. I have had two Daiichis and one Tiemco flatten out on me- and never once has an AFF hook done the same even when I reused them from a torn up fly. The finish on the expensive hooks is a bit better- but the fish have never cared.

    I have several of their fly boxes and they have always held up and just seemed to be a great alternative to paying 2-3 times the price for boxes that charged for the name of the manufacturer or new technology.

    I have a pair of their scissors and like them as much as my Dr. Slick's- they are sharp, have not rusted or tarnished, and cut very nicely.

    Their beads also help me save. I don't know if they intend to keep the same price but I have been helped out a lot by purchasing their tungsten beads- a LOT cheaper than other tungsten options and great for nymphs.

    I just wanted to share a little unsolicited tip for anyone who does not know about Allen Fly Fishing- their products keep the cost of fly tying down enough that I can afford to tie a lot of patterns.

    I have never heard anything bad about AFF- I am happy to have and order from a company I know is run by a couple of great people, offering great products at prices that can not be beat. They deserve another shout-out- even though they have received many in the past.

    I am also seriously contemplating one of their 7'6" 3/4 wt ATS rods. If I get the opportunity to purchase (read get the money for one) I would jump on it in a heart beat- and probably get a trout reel to match.

    Here is what I have tied up on AFF hooks-

    My favorite pattern and small stream dry fly, the mini-hopper.

    And a buggy little caddis pupa: (I like how their caddis hook curves slightly so it appears the fly is moving)

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    So far they are a real stand up company. I love to read your post cause I have been looking to get some hooks with my next purchase.

    I love my trout 2 reel.

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    Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing- A+

    Nice post and nice flies!
    - William

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    Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing- A+

    Quote Originally Posted by shortyb View Post
    So far they are a real stand up company.
    I was a early purchaser of their reels, and while I love the product, they did have some growing pains.

    Every indication is that they have remedied that situation.

    Like I said, I like their product and I like the idea they are chasing. I will buy from them again just as soon as I need something they are selling.

    I do mourn the loss of the foruum discount though.

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    Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing- A+

    I agree, stand up company who go the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction.

    And I love my Trout II no. 1 reel too!
    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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    Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing- A+

    Quote Originally Posted by mudbug View Post
    I do mourn the loss of the foruum discount though.
    Newby, Thanks for your kind words. Also, its good to hear from you mudbug. We still offer discounts pending on stock and time of year. Just need to email us at



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