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Thread: Fluff

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    What do you guys do with the fluff at the base of hackle feathers? Do you keep it and use it for other things? or Do you just toss it?

    Was curious as I never know what I should do with it.. and usually end up tossing it in the trash..

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    you can use schlappen fluff. Keep it on the stem and wind it as a collar or under collar

    everything else for me is useless

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    mini buggers.

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    Don't some folks use it for the little wing on an rs2? Personally I don't save it. If I need some for a little wing or something I just pull it off. Can still use the rest of the feather later.
    - William

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    Well I'm glad I don't feel so wasteful now

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    It's quite common to use as Tails,I also Wind it as Butts/Collars as well as Dubbing,so
    it all doesn't get thrown out as I only keep selected pieces.

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    I have used it for dubbing as well.
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    +3 on using it as dubbin.
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    ^^^^ To the last 3 of you.. That was really the only thing I figured it'd be good for..

    for my mini-buggers i've ditched the feather and have gone to using hair from rabbit strips..

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    There's a few patterns out there that call for it as dubbin and tailing material. Like the Tabou Caddis and other caddis pupae.
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