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  1. Default Between the salmon tie-along and S. fonti....

    Can't help myself, but the threads make this seem doable for duffers too.

    Tried a married wing with materials on hand, just to see how difficult it is..... It is...... No pattern, just learning.

    All advice happily received, but I can't guarantee that I can be taught

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    Default Re: Between the salmon tie-along and S. fonti....

    Hi Hugh,

    Your tying is coming along, the fly is reminiscent of a Ranger type but not (as I can see) a married wing tie. Your heads are becoming neater but you may want to put that tag up the shank a tad. Try having the tag end directly above the barb tip and I think the flies will look a bit better. However, you have my word that a fly with the tag positioned a little far back will catch salmon, trout, and char. All this business of proportioning and positioning are aesthetics to suit the human eye not that of a fish. To fish I believe color - size and profile are the points of interest.



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    Default Re: Between the salmon tie-along and S. fonti....

    I've never been the "marrying" type so I can't give you any good advice. I can say though the cool thing about the wings that don't come out picture perfect is you can mash a tooth brush through them, pick the fibers apart and stroke them back into a wing and have a good mixed wing! Which I think make better fishing flies,( like Ard said color, size, and profile) plus when its all mixed there's more movement to the wing.
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    Default Re: Between the salmon tie-along and S. fonti....

    Thats the spirit. I hoped all those pictures would have a knock on effect.
    Nice fly, refinements will come with time.

    Get stuck into them like i did and you'll see great improvements in no time!!

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    Default Re: Between the salmon tie-along and S. fonti....

    Smashing tie!
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