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    Default What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    I've been looking at my progression as a tier over the past several years and I never forget the first fly I tied. It was this ugly flashy woolybugger made with some sort of sparkly chenile and a black marabou tail. Took it to Alaska with me when I was 13 and caught my first fish on a fly rod with it first cast. The same hole I was fishing 7 years ago and caught that fish I was at this summer at the age of 20....I still have more enjoyment tying large streamers now because of the wooly being my first tie even though around here most fish are caught on nymphs Im always willing to throw a streamer.

    Fond memories lets hear yours

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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    Can't really remember but I think it was either a gold ribbed hairs ear, wooly bugger or an elk wing caddis. I'm pretty sure it was a caddis though.
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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?


    My first fly was a buck hair caddis, because of the low costs for the materials (I was a student)
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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    unfortunately it was 30+ years ago and it is probably still in the the log i hooked somewhere in colorado. might have been a brassie but i just dont remember

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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    I'm not exactly sure that I have the very first, if not the flies I have are real close to the first. I'm forced to guess because I didn't keep notes or pictures but I did know that they would probably come apart so I tossed them into a plastic container sometime in 1969. I never threw that container away and along with all my fly tying stuff it moved all over America with me for the following 43 years and it's here now.

    The pictures were taken with my first digital camera with no macro function. Someday I should take a better one so you could appreciate the detail in the work.

    I guess I was meant to become a streamer fisherman. I learned to make many different types of fly for catching fish but streamers were in my hands & fingers from the get go. While living in PA. - GA. - VA. - CO. & AK. as the whole world around me caught 'nymph fever' I kept tying and fishing streamers. For me there is nothing that equals pitching them, controlling the line, the flies speed, depth, and exact course as they arc in a river or creek. The grab or strike if you prefer is the highlight, the payoff for your dedication. Often it is as if you have struck a large rock underwater; some fish come unhooked but it is just a thrill to have one wake you from that trance you slide into while you work the rod and line.

    I think it was a streamer,


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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    This 1974...

    ...caught some nice Rainbow stockers with it in Lone Pine Creek...

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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    I believe it would be a wooly bugger & soft hackle if I member correctly, that is one of the most common first ties.
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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    Can't remember what was first, but I can tell you the 'where from.' For a steelhead fly out of Trey Combs "Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies." Copyright 1976. For trout the "Index of Orvis Fly Patterns" by John Harder. CR-1978
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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    I may be odd but mine was a size 20 red annelid cuz' I was going to the San Juan and had no midges .

    Sure made tying size 14 dry flies a breeze.

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    Default Re: What was the first fly you learned to tie?

    So I'm **NOT** the only one who owns Roy Patrick's Book or who cut their teeth on THIS and possibly the Noll Fly Tying Guide??

    =) I'm SOOOOOOOO glad!! =)

    My first fly was a simple Mosquito- grizzly tail fibers, black tying thread body with white thread rib, grizzly hackle. I believe it was a size 12.

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