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Thread: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

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    Default clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    those are the only two i know the names of, but i suspect there are more than two uv cure epoxies...

    Question is, which is the best in terms of product quality, value for money, easy of use and range of product

    I've no experience with any of them, but think id like to use them for some flies, buzzers and the like....

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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    I have only used clear cure goo but couldn't be happier with it. Deer Creek is really popular with some of my friends from across the pond and I have a couple others that might use Bug Bond.

    I will never go back to using regular epoxy, it is messy, expensive and the quality is lacking in my opinion. Dollar for dollar I am probably saving money with Clear cure goo. Yes, 15ml of CCG is $15-$16 and normal epoxy is only $5 BUT, I always have the epoxy applicator harden on me so I only get 1 or 2 uses out of it. There are epoxies you can buy in bulk but you end up wasting a ton of it because you only need a small amount for your flies but they usually use a pump so you mix way more than you need.

    It is possible that all of these UV acrylics or epoxies are the same exact stuff in different bottles. I can tell you for certain they don't each produce their own stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if the stuff comes from the nail salon industry.

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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    I've tried a couple of different options: Loon UV Knotsense and X minute Epoxy.

    Both are fairly inexpensive. You can usually find the Loon product in your fly shop or most mail order shops. I don't like this for tying because it leaves the fly tacky to the touch and isn't all that durable--not bad but not great. Also it comes out thick and is a little tricky to apply direct from the tube. A light coat of Sally Hansen's or your favorite head cement will cure the problem with tackiness. I have however used Knotsense while fishing to repair a badly cracked fly line. For that application, it was excellent.

    X minute epoxy is easy to find in just about any hardware store, grocery store, drug store, etc. It is extremely durable, but it is difficult to apply. When I used this, I used it, I tied my flies in advance, then applied with toothpicks. It dries tack free which is probably the most redeeming quality of it. I've also heard it turns yellow after time but have yet to see that. The tube that screws onto the bottom of the syringe is pretty much a one shot deal. You get 2 in a pack, but it hardens and makes them useless after one application.

    Currently using Bug Bond. Not cheap, but super easy to apply right from the tube, cures to a hard smooth finish. I'm using the Original Lite. I like this for doing wing cases on flies like Copper Johns. One dab gives enough of a coating but not too much. If you don't have enough on, just add another dap. The consistency is perfect. Really wonderful stuff and would certainly be my recommendation.

    I haven't tried the CCG Hydro, though I have heard good things about it. Hydro is the stuff that is supposed to cure tack free, like Bug Bond does. The other offerings I've heard mixed opinions/feedback on the touch once it cures.
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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    The reason the CCG has that tacky finish is it works like a binder so a second coat can be added and adhere to it if you need to. It can be wiped off with alcahol or coated with had as nails. They do sell a tack free version as well.

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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    Several threads on this on the FFF and a few cat fights to go along with.
    Seems each new release changes the rankings during the year, one consistent comment is to get a high quality light/torch. That to seems to change every few months. Sorry, not sure who the leader is, but I do like Loon knot sense for the very limited use that I do.

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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    I have mostly used the ccg and the loon stuff. I don't like the loon, it does not seem to bond to the material. It just falls off or will peel off.

    I do like the ccg. I use the thick to build up a head on musky flies. The thin I use to put a finish over eyes or other stuff I glue on. I have the brush able but have not used it enough to give an opinion. I have only used it to makes sections of tails hard to avoid fouling. The hydro is cool, I have mostly used it as a head cement but if you want it to coat wing cases with it this is what I would use. The hydro and brush able is tac free but you need to coat the thick and thin with hard as nails or something.

    This is the hydro as a head cement

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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    I love Bug Bond, and Deer Creek's uv stuff too. I have not tried CCG. I am happy with the two I mentioned. I don't know which is cheapest.
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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    contents deleted
    Last edited by flytire; 05-07-2013 at 04:43 AM.
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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    I am still using epoxy and dont have any issues with it. I use a fly rotator and 30 minute devcon. I have found that coating 8 to 10 flies at once is much more cost effective with alot less waste of both material and time.

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    Default Re: clear cure vs bug bond vs all the other stuff

    I love CCG.. Only thing I say is don't buy the kit!!! Any of those cheap-o $2 UV lights(blue uv) on the auction site will work just as good as the $30 light they try to sell you..

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