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    Default fly tying material storage

    since it was pretty cold today I decided to not go fly fishing...and I hate wearing those no finger tip gloves was time to finally make that cabinet and fix up the old one I have been promising myself to do for a long time...

    I found an old antique in our attic...and loved it...just needed a bit of glue and some tacks etc...I built a small drawer cab for threads and benny of being a cabinet maker/carpenter...however, I should say...those same skills preclude me from smaller ties nowadays too after 40 years of beating myself up...

    I had to fake the stain and finish a bit on the new drawer unit to match the came out OK...but not perfect...bottom line is, the project I have been putting off for a few years is done...a plumbers sink leaks etc ...

    but I do have a nice place to keep my stuff more digging through plastic tubs!

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    Default Re: fly tying material storage

    That is a very nice looking storage set up, great job!

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    Default Re: fly tying material storage

    Awesome I love old wood cabinets and drawers, nice job!!
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