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    Default Chosen the right bead

    How would I choose the right size bead for the I'm going to tie? I'm new to tying flies and I need help I have a lot of question and there is nobody in my area that I know that even fly fishes. I have to get my stuff off of eBay and I'm on a tight budget. I would like start tying with a size 4 hook.

    Thanks for any help that is given.

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    Default Re: Chosen the right bead

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    Default Re: Chosen the right bead

    I'm not really sure but, I think the bead size corresponds with the diameter of the eye of the hook you are using. If the small hole end of the bead catches on the eye of the hook then it could be used. If the bead is too big the bead will slip right over the eye of the hook.
    It would depend on how much weight is needed to get desired results. I'm sure some one who knows will let you know.
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    Matching beads to hook sizes is a pain in the neck. The web links above are helpful and if you do a search online you'll find more. I found a chart that lined up the different ways beads are measured with hook sizes and taped it onto the box where I store my beads as a quick reference. Of course the way the hook bends will affect whether or not a bead will go on a hook easily, but it's helpful to have a general guideline on hand.
    - William

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    Default Re: Chosen the right bead

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytire View Post

    Hook shape vs bead size match up has always been my 'bugaboo.'
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    Default Re: Chosen the right bead

    Thank you flytier that website is going to be a big help

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    Default Re: Chosen the right bead

    Order some beads yesterday. I hope see them within 2 weeks can't wait to try tying with them

    Thanks for all the help guys

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