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    Default Source of stiff (SW?) krystal flash?

    Hey, anyone know where I can get some more "stiff" krystal flash material?

    I googled it and got confused by the number of options.

    I'm looking for the flash that sometimes was/is called SW krystal flash versus the more soft stuff I have.

    Thanks! As always!

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    Hi: Good question. I'm not sure about a "stiff"; but I think that these products fall into the general classification of Mylar.

    The hobby stores have it in several forms for cheap, under the name
    "Gift Shred" in many different colors. I've even seen an even dirt cheaper form in the Dollar Stores, but only in the Pearlescent or "Opaline" color.

    When you write "stiff" I think you must be referring to a thicker form?

    I found out that Mylar, in sheets, is becoming rare, because there are health issues with its production, so the costs are going up. I am not sure exactly if Mylar is the only product that approximates a KrystalFlash, but perhaps someone else can share their knowledge and benefit us both.


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    Default Re: Source of stiff (SW?) krystal flash?

    krinkle stuff is what you're after still floppy, but not flacid.

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    Default Re: Source of stiff (SW?) krystal flash?

    Have a look at Bearsden, they've got a ton of flash materials. You might want to give them a call to discuss it.

    The Lateral Scale material is slightly more rigid than some of the Krystal Flash I've seen. Slight being the operative word.
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