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    Default First fly tied!!

    (Olive bead head wooly bugger) What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: First fly tied!!

    Nice first fly. Looks better than a lot of first flies. Keep up the good work.

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    Default Re: First fly tied!!

    Looks good, man! Crank out another half dozen or so and see how you progess.

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    Default Re: First fly tied!!

    Nicely done! That'll catch some midwest bass for sure
    - William

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    Default Re: First fly tied!!

    Congrats on your success!!!! I'm new to fly tying myself, so again, keep up the good work and I hope your are enjoying our new avocation!

    "It is ourselves that we conquer, not the mountain." Sir Edmund Hillary, 1959

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    Default Re: First fly tied!!

    Congrats! Let the addiction continue, now to go out and catch a nice fish on that first fish and immediately retire it, you will enjoy looking at it in the years to come.

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    Default Re: First fly tied!!

    That's a great first fly that should undoubtedly land you a fish or two, congratulations. It looks much better than my first, stick with it!

    Like dean said, tie another half dozen at least and watch your progress. When I am tying a new to me fly, I like to do at least a dozen. The first 2-3 flies are where I'm usually getting it dialed in, the rest are usually money.
    ~*~Leave only your footprints~*~

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