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  1. Default To Wing or Not to Wing?

    How do you feel about adding wings to your dry flies?
    Do you feel this really makes a difference to the fish if there are wings on a dry or not?
    I am capable of tying them on, but it seems to be the hardest and most time consuming part of tying a dry for me, such as an Adams or a Sulphur. Hair wings and parachutes don't bother me, but the little hackle tips on an 16 or 18 hook (like used on the traditional Adams ) seems to slow me down trying to get them just right without using a lot of thread.

    I welcome your thought?

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    Default Re: To Wing or Not to Wing?

    Hi gvollmer,

    You can tye them any way you want as long as they produce. I like a white hair wing to help see the fly.


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    Default Re: To Wing or Not to Wing?

    Become a Caddis convert and you don't have to worry about it.

    Gvollmer, my thoughts on wings paralell yours exactly. I think I'll have grandkids before I think tying Wulff style wings is worth my time.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Ha, i like trying to perfect my wings.....maybe i have to much time on my hands

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    tying wings are not that hartd if done the right way..also try poly yarn and divide it for wings, you can add marking on it for different wulffs i use calf body instead of calf tail, alot better wing, and easier to tie in..
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