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  1. Default Kitchen sink shrimp

    Wanted to try a sunburst shrimp pattern using a sunburst-dyed badger cape that just arrived (thanks Laurie!). Improvised with materials I had on hand, and the outcome was sort-of-colorful . The tags too long. Thanks for looking.

    Alec Jackson spey #7
    tag: holographic green tinsel
    tail: GP tippet
    body: ice dub in UV shrimp, then UV black backing up to wing
    ribbing: holographic mylar silver
    wing: flo orange marabou (didn't have any arctic...)
    Hackles: long red GP body, scarlet chinese, JC eyes, then badger-dyed sunburst for halo effect

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    Default Re: Kitchen sink shrimp

    What is this used for?
    Vanity Countertops
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    Default Re: Kitchen sink shrimp

    Nice work Hugh,

    You need some #6 & 8 doubles for these patterns, they just look good on doubles. Of course the hooks hold fish well also and ride upright about 99% of the time too. I've been thinking on tying some of this style myself, thanks for the nudge,


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    Default Re: Kitchen sink shrimp

    Hugh: Very nice, but your thread title should come with a warning to wear sunglasses!
    I love how that sunburst cape turned out.

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    Sunglasses, maybe = would suggest a welders facemask myself! I have been feeling very colorful all spring....

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    Default Re: Kitchen sink shrimp

    Sunglasses? Perhaps. But without a hyphen, I was expecting a riddle:
    "Name a lady's habitat, a Titanic verb, and a crustacean." dunno

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