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Thread: Copper John

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb fly View Post
    I used my computer last night with it and it wouldn't let me upload any of my pics
    JB: First off, you need to realize that the forum will not allow you to upload your photos directly from your computer to a post on the forum due to virus issues. There are a couple different approaches to take. Probably the easiest is to use a third party site like PhotoBucket, upload your photos there, then link them to a post on this site using the little yellow rectangular icon (looks like a mountain and sun) that is above the area you type in posts. Also realize that you are restricted to 100 kb size on the photo, I believe PhotoBucket does the size reduction for you automatically. The second method is to create an album/gallery here on this site, upload the photos to your album and then link the photo using the little yellow icon into a post. There are a couple different methods of creating an album, one is to use your UserCP, scroll down to Pictures & Albums, then click on Add Album. Once you have the album created, then upload the photo from your computer to the album. Then with the photo full size, scroll down to the picture URL, click on the URL which will highlight it, then do a CNTL-C to copy, then go over to your post, click on the yellow icon and do a CNTL-V to paste it into the post. If you don't have a photo editing program on your computer to reduce the size down to 100 KB, then there is a free program online that you can use. Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser -

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    i just figured evrthing out

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghocevar View Post
    I use Tapatalk to view forums on my phone and you can upload pictures to the forum directly from the app.

    Wow that works rather well. my only concern is the files are uploaded to tapatalk. Wish I could manage my forum gallery's from it. Still used it for surfing for months now nice to know about uploading images feature.

    Back on topic, congrats on your first copper johns.

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