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Thread: dying materials

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    I have never tried dying fur or feathers. I would love to hear recepies, comments, advice, etc.


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    Hi wlschindler,

    Dying is a science in it's self. I suggest you use Veniards dyes. Here is a link to a brief description of dying. I suggest you don't use your wife's kitchen. Get a hot plate and work out side till you know what you are doing. A pot full of dye on your kitchen floor is not what you want. To get true colors the base feathers or fur should be white. I have a book around here somewhere but I can't find it.


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    Look for a book by A.K. Best called "Dyeing and Bleaching", it would give you a good start on the basics, and as Frank mentioned there is a science to doing it well.
    Also see if you can find info on a fellow by the name of Jay Fehr, I've heard he is the man on this stuff.

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