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    I have found that using bead chain eyes and tying the material only on the bend side of the hook will cause the fly to always go hook side up. Also, I wrap the hood shank with solder or zinc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingofamberley View Post
    Thanks for the tips! I picked up a bead chain on the way home from work yesterday and tied these up last night, using some leftover size 6 TMC 300 hooks. I should have just tied one, waited for the cement to dry, and tested it in the water before tying more as Dan said, but I couldn't help myself once I started. If nothing else its good practice.
    I also found that putting a few strands of black bucktail in with the flash makes for a more pronounced lateral line, which may be more for me than the fish [COLOR="Silver"]

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    It's hard to tie just one Clouser.
    I often tie a thin black zonker strip to the hook to add a lateral line on mine. I swear it catchs more fish.
    They look good. It's fun to get creative with Clousers, and they will catch everything.
    "I don't go to the river to fish, but I do quite a bit of it while I'm there." - Riverbilly

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    I went to the creek yesterday to test out some things. The beadchain clousers rode beautifully and looked quite sexy in the water! Here's a post-use pic of one that speaks for the strength of Sally Hansens; the beadchain eyes got ripped off somehow on a snag, but the profile still looks good

    Here's the result of the first fly I tied (poor bugger!), after getting slammed around for a couple hours It was a bit tough to cast on my cruddy little rod. I used a leader of straight 15 lb mono to try to make it easier. Yesterday turned in to several good hours of real-world-scenario casting practice, which I needed and resulted in getting my timing better

    Afterwords I practiced casting in a field for a good hour. I have gotten fairly good at casting my cheapo walmart rod. I worked double hauling to take strain off my wrist (i try to keep it straight but my rod is heavy so its tough), and oval casting. I think when I get a better rod, it will make a world of difference!

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    I save all my destroyed clousers and recycle the parts I can. Unfortunately, fishing can be hard on flies.

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    Very good looking & sparsley tied Clousers Bravo

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