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    Default Re: Palmering hackle?

    Quote Originally Posted by flytire View Post
    Folding Hackle is really simple if you use the Joe Ayres foam block method. Start by getting a block of foam (the kind you find wrapped around computer equipment to protect it in shipping) about 3"x3"x10" long. Cut 1/2" deep slots in the foam -- you should be able to get about a dozen slots in a 10" piece of foam. To fold the hackle all you have to do is insert the feather's stem in the slot and the hackle is folded.
    Now that is a most excellent tip!

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    Default Re: Palmering hackle?

    This is really cool!!

    How do you "stuff" the feather in the slot? Insert the stem into the slot. I am assuming you push it into the slot so the barbs fold up each side of the stem along the sides of the slot, right?

    As far as the wrapping the wire, that is a great idea. Others have told me to slowly wrap opposite the hackle and wiggle the wire as you wrap but not to go too fast. Maybe I should wrap fast and wiggle at the same time.

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    Default Re: Palmering hackle?

    Quote Originally Posted by busbus View Post
    How do you "stuff" the feather in the slot?
    hold the tip end in one hand and the butt end in the other and insert the feather into the slit in the foam and the hackle fibers will become folded

    that puts a preliminary fold in the hackle. after tying in your hackle you still need to stroke the folded fibers towards the bend while wrapping the hackle forward.

    if you watch hans weilenmann tie hackled flies and also soft hackles, he mostly ties on his hackle first and when he wraps the hackle, he wraps toward the bend of the hook. he will then tie down the tip of the feather and quickly wrap the tying thread through the hackle to the head area. 3 whip finishes and it done.
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    Default Re: Palmering hackle?

    How stupid. I see now: the slit is cut all the way thru the Styrofoam and the slit is as wide as the barbs of the feat. I was visioning it as a slit that is 1/2" deep the length of the feather.

    As usual, as I become obsessed with something, I did some hunting and found this site. It seems to work well but not nearly as fast as this Styrofoam method:

    Jimmy Younger Method

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    Default Re: Palmering hackle?

    Thanks Ard for the link to the tie along , I will check it out, Your's looks like what I am trying to achieve, practice, practice and more practice.

    Flytire, I have heard of that method before not sure of where, maybe here, I will definitely give that a shot also and see what works best for me.

    Thanks all for the help and insight.

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