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    Default Re: Cat fur dubbing?

    Quote Originally Posted by kingofamberley View Post
    He is shorthair with fine fur. I have a ball of fur that I took out of his brush and stuck in a bag with the intent of using it for fly tying. I could probably honestly put it on some thread to dub as it is; is there an advantage to cutting it up? How small should I cut/grind it?
    If the hairs are stiff and long then they may not lay down on the shank of the hook with the desired effect. A finer dubbin spins up finer and allows more control when trying to shape the body of the fly. Plus the fur may be tighter under the thread if its finer.
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    My daughters cat has a good color, I got some hair after she brushed him and used it for dubbing.

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    I finally got around to doing some experimenting with the cat fur. I did some experimenting last night and this morning with a craw pattern. His fur is kind of the color of a soft, recently molted craw.

    Here was an attempt with hackle claws, but they are a little large, so this one may not get called to duty.

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    Also, I should say that I did not grind up the fur in any way, I just pulled it from the cat brush and used it. It is fairly short and quite soft. I will see how it works this way.

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    Default Re: Cat fur dubbing?

    I should pull some fluff off our stupid cat. its a siamese so its a very good tan to dark brown in shades and its shedding like a fool right now.
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    Default Re: Cat fur dubbing?

    Cat fur that has been swallowed and hacked up again in a hairball looks more like the things that naturally inhabit the bottom of a body of water than cat fur that has been combed and stroked and teased. Not as pleasant to work with, though. Just sayin'.

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    I used to raid the cat's brush all the time when I lived at home. Her hair made the perfect colored Adam's body.

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    Using pet hair as dubbing is one of my favorite things about tying flies.

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    Default Re: Cat fur dubbing?

    Works Great Plus its Free Dubbing

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