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Thread: dry fly

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    Default dry fly

    this suppose to be a mosiquito pattern but i think i forgot something on it
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    Arrow Re: dry fly

    Quote Originally Posted by jb fly View Post
    [/IMG]this suppose to be a mosiquito pattern but i think i forgot something on it
    It won't open for me...

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    okuma Guest

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    The stinger on the back end of it JB.

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    Default Re: dry fly

    Grizzly hackle would be better

    Try spacing the body wraps evenly

    Clean up the eye of the hook
    Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them.


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    Thanks will pay more atention to my space on th body and to make the head area neater. Thanks guys look like I will have to pick up grizzly hackle

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    I think crowding the eye is a common struggle, actually, fly proportions in general. So know you're not alone!

    One technique to help prevent crowding the eye is to start your thread 1/2 or even a full eye length behind the hook eye. This leaves some bare shank between the eye and where you start your thread, you'll cover this when you create the head and whip finish. The bare shank will give you a visual stop as you work towards the eye of the fly so your whip finish won't crowd the eye. It won't be the perfect sized head for every fly but could help you get a sense of proportions.
    - William

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