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Thread: Hackles

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    How would u pick out the hackle when on a tight budget? To which ones would u get first and use the most?

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    What flies do you want to tie? That will determine a lot.

    On a very tight budget, 100 packs can be good, but they focus on one or two hook sizes. If you are able in the long run it can better to buy capes or saddles. Capes give you a wide range of feathers (depending on the grade) from short feathers into the 20's up through feathers you can use for tails or to wrap streamers. Saddles focus on certain hook sizes and have long feathers that can tie multiple flies each.

    Personally I use grizzly and brown the most often with a dun for BWO's a close third. I find I can use grizzly and brown to fudge a lot of other patterns if I don't have the right color. I've had good success with capes and 100 packs from the Feather Emporium. Haven't tried their saddles. I buy their 100 packs for colors I only use in a few hook sizes - like olive grizzly for drakes and hoppers, and black I only use on 18's - 24's.
    - William

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    Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them.


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    Ditto on the grizzly, if I could only buy one that would be it. Also, the whiting intro pack looks like a good deal for a beginning tyer if the budget can support it.

    I used the 100 packs when I first started, but, buy mostly saddles or capes these days - you can tie a lot of flies - many 100s - with a good saddle.

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    Give me Cree any day , ginger and a lite or med dun.

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