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    Default Just Messin with a Wet

    No real pattern that was followed. I seen something similar in fly tyer mag this month in the "Gaudy Wet fly" article and I liked it. I have really uneducated fish in my local streams, lucky for me, and they probably will try and feed off of this.
    anyway here is my messing around tonight.
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    Default Re: Just Messin with a Wet

    Hey, not a bad looking fly. Nothing wrong with inventing your own pattern either. If people didn't invent patterns we would still be trying to hit them with rocks.

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    Default Re: Just Messin with a Wet

    True enough Dan, I like to veer off the path regularly.

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    Default Re: Just Messin with a Wet

    Very nice, I like it!

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    Default Re: Just Messin with a Wet

    Some people say i veered off the path years ago !

    Like it ! should work !

    I tie dozens of my own ideas some work some don't, but i keep going............................................. .................................................. ......
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    Default Re: Just Messin with a Wet

    Diggin it! I've always thought we don't see enough Guinea on patterns. I like the contrast it provides. Makes nice soft hackles too. I bet it would work good on our salters.
    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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    Default Re: Just Messin with a Wet

    That's exactly what I thought when I seen the guinea on the web sight. It caught the fishermans eye, now it just has to catch the fish. The feather does have nice contrast and is sturdier than I imagined it before get it in the mail.
    Thanks for looking guys/gals.

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