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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    I got a Renzetti Traveler last year, and I really like it. I bought it after doing a bunch of reading (here and through google searches) and talking to some friends who tie with them and with other vises. I didn't do a bunch of comparison ties and don't know how helpful they would have been for me anyways. Any vise I have used has taken a bit of getting use to so unless you can borrow vises from friends to try for awhile it might be tough to really get a good feel for different brands. I used a Traveler at a friends for a weekend. Tied some dries down to 18's, some nice drake dries in 10s and 12s, and also spun some deer hair for bass on size 2 and 4 hooks. I found the jaws gripped different sized hooks very, very easily and they were secure even when spinning the hair. I found one for a bit off the normal price and it had a pedestal base so I bought it. If he'd owned a Peak or Anvil Atlas might I have bought one of those instead? Probably if I'd used it and liked it. One thing to look for is the hook range for the jaws that come on the vise and the Peak, Traveler, and Anvil Atlas all hold a wide range of hook sizes.

    I'm sure they all have different features but a lot of what you're looking for comes down to holding the range of hooks you use securely and easily, providing a stable tying platform, and one that is built to last. The rotary function is nice but is secondary to those three, for me at least.
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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    I've been tying on a Peak for the last 5 or so years. Great vise for the money and would be my recommendation. The pedestal is good and heavy so it won't move around on you. I don't think you can go wrong with a Renzetti either. Regal makes a nice product too.

    Here's an excellent review worth your time reading:

    Fly Tying Vises In-Depth Review by Fly Fish Ohio!
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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by awkwardsportsman View Post
    Wow! So many choices! This isn't getting any easier lol! $100-$150 is about what I was thinking, but this makes it tough. Sounds like just personal preference? Is there any particular feason for your choice?
    Really, there are a lot of vises that will do a good job. My own criteria for choosing one would be:

    1. Will it hold a variety of sizes of hooks securely, so they don't move in the jaws when you are pulling tightly on your thread (for example, when spinning deer hair)?

    2. Is the rotary feature configured so that the hook shank can be aligned precisely in the axis of rotation?

    3. Does it have a bobbin cradle, and can the bobbin cradle be positioned precisely in the axis of rotation in line with the hook shank?

    4. Does it look like it will last a good long while?

    5. Is the base clamp designed to be able to attach to a wide range of table-top thicknesses?

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    another vote for the atlas.
    This one is 2/0 hook, but i've had up to 8/0 salmon hooks in it!

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    +1 on the Renzetti Traveler! I just bought one 6/8 months ago and I absolutely love it! I've never had a hook slip, and I can easily access the entire hook!
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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by la_jolla1 View Post
    Dyna-king Barracuda Jr
    My vote goes to the dyna king also, although I have the full size. Smooth as silk, sturdy, and of course does its main function very well and that is hold hooks. I sure I can safely say, I will never need to buy another vise in my lifetime.

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    I have a Renzeti Master I got as a Christmas gift a few yrs. ago & a Nor Vise. I use the Nor for Streamers, Salmon flies etc. & the Renzeti for everything else. I've had the Nor vise for a number of years & never liked it, but hung on to it. I started using it again & still can't tie anything smaller than a 12 with it. I wouldn't advise that for a beginner. All the renzeti's are good vises, & so are the peaks, & Atlas's
    My first rotary was a Griffen & that was a great low cost vise also. Just get the best vise you can comfortably afford so it'll last forever........
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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Peak Rotary is what I bought mostly due to the fact it is a local Colorado company and have met the co-owner and he is a good guy.

    I did buy the midge jaws for tiny midges (20's and smaller). I love it on the heavy pedestal base and the rotary action is smooth and superbly balanced. Does everything I want at a fair price.
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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

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    Default Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Thanks again everyone for the advice!! I just tied (more like tried) up a couple one off flies, and am well convinced on fetting the new vise. After looking at all the options listed here and reading more reviews and listings I can imagine I have it nailed to the Renzetti or the Peak. Between those two will be a toss up. Same price, both fantastic from what everyone is saying, and they will both match the dog house I will be sleeping in when I get it
    Awkward Sportsman

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