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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    The rotary vises I've used and liked were Peak and that order. I've owned a Peak for over 5 years, and it just plain old works great. The heavy base means no sliding around.
    I had vises with lighter bases, and heavier is better. The vise itself is nuke-proof.

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    Default Rotary Vise Suggestions

    I'm hoping to join a fly tyers club that meets near me. I wont be able to make it there for about 2 months unfortunately. I may just have to halt my enthusiasm to buy a new vise until I can try one out.
    Awkward Sportsman

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
    I had vises with lighter bases, and heavier is better
    but the shipping is more expensiveremember when I ordered my Peak in the US

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    Default Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Free shipping through Amazon although I'd like to buy my vise at a local dealer.
    Awkward Sportsman

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    Default Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Ended up with the Rezetti. Thanks everyone for the input!
    Awkward Sportsman

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Oh come on, you've been around long enough to know if you don't have pictures then it didn't happen

    Nothing wrong with picking one of the best out there, I'm sure you'll have many years of tying from it, Good Luck.

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    Default Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Lol! Alright ill be posting soon! At my buds right now planning our Brule steelhead trip
    Awkward Sportsman

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    I like my Atlas it works quite well however The Machining is a Little Rough on a few Parts.
    I also made a couple of mods :
    1 I drilled a hole in The Top Part of The Handle so it could be Tightened.
    2 I put a Washer & an O Ring between The two End Knurled Parts to Prevent them from Locking Up.

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    Default Rotary Vise Suggestions

    Alright Bruce here you go! I swear it happened. A bit fuzzy, but it is there.

    Awkward Sportsman

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Suggestions

    LOL, and there is the proof. That's a nice vise it should last you a lifetime, enjoy.

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