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Thread: Umpqua U-Series

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    Default Umpqua U-Series

    Anyone out there have any reviews of the Umpqua U series hooks? Specifically how do they compare to their big brother Tiemco?

    Strength, sharpness, quality, uniformity?

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    I have started using them, as far as strength and sharpness I would say they are right there with tiemco.
    Quality or quality control are lacking, the eyes are not formed as neatly or closed as tightly as the tiemcos. The shank on the 202 is not stright like the 2487 but the 202s shank is bent, as if to off set the hook point to the hook shank so it could be a good thing. I have not noticed any more or less hook ups or lost fish.
    Uniformity: When you shop them make sure you pick up the equvilant Tiemco and compare it for size, some of the smaller sizes are off. And the Umpquas all seeem to be the heavy versions of the tiemco hooks. The price to hook count does, so far, make them worth it to me.

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