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streamwalker 03-10-2013 09:35 PM

what would you buy??
alright well im looking to start tying my own flies. ive tied a few in the past and was guided by a fella who has been tying for 30+ years. so i have very little but some experience. i know the basics on how to tie. but anyways im looking to buy my own gear and start tying daily. i have right around 250ish to spend as i sold one my hunting bows ( other extreme addiction :D) so i was thinking the renzettie travler vise for a vise that i wont have to upgrade unless i want to. now for tools this is what im lost on and would like your opinion. what is a nice set of tools that wont break the bank? and the excess cash left over will of course be spent on materials which i will pick out according to what flies im wanting to tie. thanks in advance!

williamhj 03-10-2013 09:48 PM

Re: what would you buy??
Poke around and you'll find other threads on this that will go into good detail. Here are some of my suggestions:

- Scissors, don't skimp on these. I like Dr Slick and would get an all purpose pair. If you tie small get small ones too. I have a pair of Dr Slick's for cutting hair which I like but you can use cheap scissors for this if you want to save some money.
- Cheap scissors for cutting wire
- Bobbin, I like ones with ceramic tubes
- Bobbin threader, not necessary I suppose but cheap and useful
- Bodkin, useful for applies head cement, etc
- Hair Stacker if you plan to tie caddis and other flies with hair wings etc
- Whip finisher. There are a lot that work and you can use your hand to do it, but I like one that has a spring and rotates, think I got mine on ebay

There are other tools that can be helpful but really depends on what you plan to tie.

mudbug 03-10-2013 11:18 PM

Re: what would you buy??
Peak Vice
Orvis Economy scissors (I have anvil and Dr. Slick but I always go back to the Orvis economy)
The cheap ceramic tube bobin with the ceramic tube held in place with shrink tube.
I never use my bodkin, I have a large sewing needle stuck in a small cork that I like better.

trout champ 03-10-2013 11:55 PM

Re: what would you buy??
Scissors - Dr. Slick Razor tip. I have two pair and love them. These are your premium scissors so make sure you get an inexpensive pair for cutting materials.

Bobbins - make sure they have the ceramic tube inserts. Metal ones will start to cut your thread after a while. Bobbins are one of those things that you wil pick one up every couple months and will have a collection very soon.

Bodkin - useful for a number of things just pick up an inexpensive one.

Bobbin threader - Skip it and get dental floss thread packs like this:

Floss Threader 25pk

Whip finishers - I got two one big one and one small one that comes in handy when tying really small flies.

A piece of light blue or cream color foam board as a background for tying. I find it easier to have something one color and one dimensional in the background than my tying desk and all the **** on it. Makes it easier on the eyes.

JoJer 03-11-2013 02:18 AM

Re: what would you buy??
Another thumbs up for ceramic bobbins. It's no fun trying to learn propper thread tension and having your bobbin work against you and cutting thread.
I have two bodkins I made by sticking a large pin (like nearly hat pin size) into a piece of dowel. I have a fat one and a skinny one. My first hair stackers were made from empty and cut-down 30 and 40 cal cartridge cases. I still have them but really like the storebought one I have now. My bobbin threader is made from a piece of guitar string JB Weld-ed into a piece of dowel. (Thought flytire is right-I usually suck-start the thread)
I've been tying on bottom end cheap vises- I've worn out 3 or 4 of 'em- and just recently got an Apex Anvil. I like it a lot! Look around on this site and find the vise comparison by Ohio Fly fishers. It could save you some bux.

flytire 03-11-2013 04:17 AM

Re: what would you buy??
here is some basic tools/ideas I recommend

2013 renzetti traveler $160

dr slick or equivalent scissors

ceramic insert/tube bobbin holder (steel tube bobbin holders are ok to start with and nobody can tell you/us how long it takes to wear the tip using thread)

bodkin (a dowel with a sewing needle stuck into it works just fine)

forgo the bobbin holder threader entirely and learn how to draw the thread up the tube using your mouth

hackle plier - get a decent one for smaller hackles. the natural hackle plier you have on your hand (finger & thumb) will work excellently with longer hackles

hair stacker - get one but if you don't foresee stacking hairs or buck tail in the near future, then buy this one later on

whip finisher - learn to do a hand whip finish and save yourself some money to buy materials

utility scissors - get some scissors like the fiskars with the orange or black finger holes and use these scissors in place of your expensive one to cut up materials, hairs, wire etc

mcnerney 03-11-2013 04:38 AM

Re: what would you buy??
After you get yourself a vise and some basic tools, think about getting Charlie Craven's book titled "Basic Fly Tying". He starts out detailing how to tie the very simple patterns and progresses to more complex patterns, on each pattern he lists out the materials needed and the book is loaded with tips on tying. Also look around your area and see if there is a fly shop or fly fishing club offering fly tying lessons, getting hands-on training will accelerate your learning as the instructor can give you first hand feedback.

Also take a look on YouTube, there are thousands of fly patterns detailed there. I especially like the stuff that Davey McPhail, Hans Weilenman or Tightline Production does, so search those names and you will find some great instruction.

innes 03-11-2013 06:06 AM

Re: what would you buy??
Large refrigerator magnet. Flip it upside down and slap it on your table. Good for holding hooks, metal beads, anything that rolls or slides. Sf

Oh yeah, they come free from the pizza guy. Buy a pizza.

coug 03-11-2013 06:36 AM

Re: what would you buy??
Dr. Slick has a kit with the basic tools.

The tools are very good.

streamwalker 03-11-2013 06:44 AM

what would you buy??
Thanks guys for the great tips I like the look of that book. Also I'm subscribed to davey mcphail on YouTube and have been watching his videos for awhile now.

And that magnet idea is great!

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