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    Default Re: I want to start tying

    Quote Originally Posted by kicker19 View Post
    i saw this video of a girl that cut a strip of her hair and part of a flip flop, tied it into a popper, caught a fish ! .
    I posted that video over in the ladies section a long time ago. It's a pretty cool video. I thought the ladies might enjoy it.

    [ame=]Flip-Flop-Fly in Brazil - YouTube[/ame]

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    That was cool Diver Dan. I was surprised to see that the lady had sacrificed
    her braid. Nothing Hoity-Toity about that lady. She's a fisherwoman

    Here's a video I watched last night, where a guy suggests using a kind of Flashy Embroidery Thread for a Rainbow Trout Fingerling. I thought it was rather cool also. It is a good looking pattern that I intend to tie some kind of a variant for. I think this is what he suggested:

    DMC - Light Effects Embroidery Floss 8.7 Yards
    by DMC at least, this is what was on Amazon. The exact coloring ( because it comes in many colors) to look for is the GEMSTONES color for the Rainbow Trout coloration.

    [ame=]Baby Rainbow Streamer, Holsingers Fly Shop - YouTube[/ame]
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    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Default Re: I want to start tying

    i am happy to say that i have purchased everything i need to get started ! just waiting on it to arrive by mail. after searching around, plus some offering from fellow fly fisherman, i was able to get some pretty decent tools and materials for about $110 (which normally would have been $250). i already feel like a kid a chrismas time! i want to thank youtube, ebay, fellow members of Fly Fishing Forum, and search engines for contributing to my addiction !!

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    Default Re: I want to start tying

    Great video Dan, shows what you can do with minimal supplies and a little ingenuity. I think the peacock bass are one of the most beautiful fish and would love some day to fish for them.

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    Great thread about an intro to fly tying feathers:


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