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awkwardsportsman 03-26-2013 11:38 PM

New product for y'all to try.
Ok ok, it's no UV resin, and it's not that quick at drying, but this stuff seems to work well.

I found this at target when searching for a 2 part epoxy for my flashback copper johns. They didn't have the epoxy so I gave this a shot. It dries like an epoxy giving you a nice rubbery thick coating and it is crystal clear just like it says. The applicator tip is great for even getting a small amount out down to a size 16 if not smaller. Of course you will still want to smear it around with your bodkin.

I can not say how well it holds up in the sun, or after being taken by a record brown, but as of now the stuff seems great. Worth a shot if you are in the market for something such as this. I believe I paid about 5 bucks for it.

woodrivertroutbum 03-27-2013 12:19 AM

Re: New product for y'all to try.
Pretty cool, I need a new bottle of super glue too so I will grab that to try while I am there too.

If you catch a record brown, do you really think you will be worried about how the fly held up? lol

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