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Thread: Strategy/advice for materials.

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    Default Re: Strategy/advice for materials.

    Quote Originally Posted by brucerducer View Post
    Hey there JokeandColor.

    (2) Feathers are going to be among the priciest of the materials you acquire.
    If you intend to work on Dry Flies, you need to prepare for that.
    One thing about dries. While it's true that if you plan on tying traditional Catskill style dries, you will need to address capes, you can also use Deer Hair and tie Comparadun style flies on the cheap. The key to those is selecting fine deer hair for the wing. The good thing is they're also productive. Another option is Hare's foot. Relatively inexpensive and floats like a cork.

    Also, Grizzly hackle has lots of versatility. While it's true a cape has more feathers and is more cost effective in the long run, the Whiting 100's can be a very good option for other colors.
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    All very good advice guy. Im very familiar with unothodox sourcing of materials. Iwhen I tie bass flies I use just about anything. I think im gonna forecast a couple patterns at a time and tie those for a couple weeks while the next shipment comes in and so on. Any oddball flies ill just scrounge up from what I have. Fourtunatley I have all the materials for Caddis and buggers which are the go to fly in April for me.

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    Default Re: Strategy/advice for materials.

    Heh heh heh... add a 30gal plastic trash can filled with 2gallon ziploc bags of full hides, skins and wing pairs... a 5drawer file cabinet with hanging folders of sorted bagged materials and a 2 drawer file cabinet setup the same way for more exotic furs and feathers. The above hold my backstock... my at-hand materials are in containers similar to those shown, a few larger ones, and a travel tying kit.

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    Default Re: Strategy/advice for materials.

    I already have enough materials & hooks to stock a fly or tackle shop, but as for my buying strategy, have adopted my wife's approach to buying. She clips coupons, and buys items on sale. Sometimes, with some stores & coupons they even pay her to buy some items. I've not as yet developed that nak, but I'm working on it. My wife is very proud of her buying prowess, and how much money she saves! Unfortunately, many items she buys we already have 50 or 60 in the pantry, more than we may use in several lifetimes! But just look at all the money she saved!

    If you can't beat 'em, then join them! I buy every bit of tying materials & hooks that I possibly can, as long as I can get it cheap, even those things I really don't need, and may never use in several lifetimes! At least until my wife discovers what I've been up to & puts a stop to it!

    The only item in my household that is in short supply is money!
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    Default Re: Strategy/advice for materials.

    Whenever I go to a winter trade show like Marlboro or Somerset I always check out the booths for exhibitors selling overstock or show specials, and I always come away with something good for less money than I would have paid elsewhere.

    (The question is, though, whether I ever would have wanted or used it otherwise. Often the answer is no. So there's that. But at least I am far better stocked than I would have been.)

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    Default Re: Strategy/advice for materials.

    I have two strategies depending the materials and the flies.

    Basically you split the flies into two categories. The first are flies that are standards and that you will be tying for the rest of your life. For nymphs/wets/streamers they would be pheasant tail nymphs, hare's ears, wooly buggers, muddlers, etc. For dries they would parachute adams, sparkle duns, elk hair caddis, X caddis, etc.

    For these flies you I the materials in bulk. Whenever I find great hackle, or hair, or feathers, or marabou, etc for these flies at a good price, I buy it.

    The second category are new flies and new materials that I want to try. These materials I buy just to try the flies. Then they may become standards. If the flies become winners, then I stock up on the materials for those flies.


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    Default Re: Strategy/advice for materials.

    Quote Originally Posted by brucerducer View Post
    Hey there JokeandColor.

    (1) One strategy is to prepare a supply of Dubbing Materials, and that is where you can be very creative by using a blender to mix materials you acquire from creative sources.

    (2) Feathers are going to be among the priciest of the materials you acquire.
    If you intend to work on Dry Flies, you need to prepare for that.

    (3) Fly Shops are not the only place where you can find materials.
    Materials in all kinds of colors, and textures can be found.
    For example, you can start checking out the Beauty Section of any Box Store or Pharmacy.

    (4)The Wedding Section of a Hobby Lobby can provide some interesting discoveries.

    (5) Thrift Stores can be a real treasure trove if you know what to look for.

    One of the pleasures of tying is the creative acquisition of materials, and you can lower your initial costs by steering away from tying a pattern that requires the most expensive of components.

    Another good place to look for exotic feathers and maybe even hair is in the gift shop at the zoo. Most of the zoos that I have visited sold feathers that were picked up by the zoo keepers.

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