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    Default Cassard MOM lake fly 2/0 (photo heavy with tying process)

    Tied this one last night for a competition, but i'm not happy with it, so i'm gonna have to retie it.

    Lets see if anyone can figure out why its ****?? if you do, i'll send you the fly. There are at least two obvious reasons why its substandard

    For anyone who hasnt tied whole woodduck wings, dont try it on a hook this big. The stems are flat, and when tying them on tend to twist so they lie flat on the top of the shank - it took some choice language and a bit of ingenuity to get them finally to sit like i wanted them.

    Anways, a lesson in patience and mastery of the wings, if nothing else.

    Thanks for looking

    Heres some photos of the process, as well as the finished article at the end.

    Tag tied in on underside

    Tag wrapped and thread (70 denier) underbody started - i go up and down several times with the thread through the process of tying the fly (same on salmon flies. After each layer is put down, i burnish the thread wraps to make them smooth

    Crest tied in - you dont see it so well on the final fly as there is more yellow to come from goose slips on top of the crest

    Married, yellow, red and green goose and woodie for the second tail

    butts tied down to a taper at the head of the fly

    Black chenille butt, rib and hackle tied in on the underside of the hook

    To even out the underbody, and make it smooth for the floss, i did a couple layers of uni-stretch and burnished them

    Floss body wrapped, by hand, no bobbins here.

    Hackle, rib wrapped, and wing finally tied in. Took about 6 efforts to get this done

    Forgot to take pictuers of the married goose shoulders and topping going on, as well as the hackle and herl head, so this is the finished fly, in all its flawed glory

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    Default Re: Cassard MOM lake fly 2/0 (photo heavy with tying process)

    Another beauty Eunan

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    Default Re: Cassard MOM lake fly 2/0 (photo heavy with tying process)


    That reminds me of The Denizen, very similar.


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    Default Re: Cassard MOM lake fly 2/0 (photo heavy with tying process)

    You must be targeting some pretty cunning fish if that fly is unacceptable.

    Why would I want an unacceptable fly? Would hate to have to explain to all my friends that it wasn't my fault.

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