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Thread: killer bug

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    I came across some material that I believe matches Chadwick 477 when wet. Been tying some size 14 Killer bugs with excellent results using copper wire. I took 15 fish from a stretch I had just fished with another fly with negative results.

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    Is that the kinda plain looking pale grub thingy tied with wool or dubbin, with a rib of copper you say?
    What specie were you fishing?
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    It's tied with wool yarn, there is a hares ear version called Walts worm. I was Fishing for trout.

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    Are you going to reveal the details of your find or just tease?
    - William

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    how about a photo?

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    I don't have a photo camera screwed up. The material is something I picked up a long time ago, its light gray with a hint of other colors. It was sold by universal vise and the price on the card is 15 cents.I only have about 10"left and haven't ben able to find a replacement yet.

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    Being a self professed dry fly snob/bigot, I don't fish a killer bug. But I did see some guys who claim they have come up with a passable adaptation -

    The Utah Killer Bug | Tenkara Guides LLC

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