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  1. Default The Ultimate Dry Fly

    Okay, you guys that have been ff for awhile should know about this fly.
    For you newbies, this is the coolest DRY FLY pattern you could ever learn.
    Because of the way it hangs in the water allows you to use a bigger hook, because the silhouette will be smaller. The bend of the hook hangs down. You can even attach a tail in the middle of the hook making it appear even smaller.
    You can use a light scud hook or, I use a 200 and kink the first section of the hook, just behind the eye.
    It can be tied in any color and represent many different dry flies.
    Check it out.....the KLINKHAMMER:

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Dry Fly

    Very nice Joni these are great emerger pattern's and well proven over the years. Nice tie what did you use for the for the abdomen ?

    Allen Landheer
    Fly fishing is not for everyone..
    -Fly fishing since 1971-

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Dry Fly

    I have seen and been hearing about this bug, don't have any as of yet but you can bet there are going to be a few tied very soon.

    I think with some color variations and sizes, this fly will cover a myriad of bugs for many occasions.

    Thanks for posting it Joni.

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    I didn't tie this one. I am still looking for my box that has them in it....DANG!
    You inspired me however to get some fly pictures up there.
    Looks like dubbing of some sort, but with guard hairs in it.
    Check this one out. It is called the Hamburger:

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Dry Fly

    I'm thinking this might make a good P.M.D. emergers on the South Fork, a little light pink dubbing with a Dunn hackle, hmmmm.......

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