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    Default Re: bleaching herl instructions ?

    Quote Originally Posted by s fontinalis View Post
    use 5% bleach solution - 5ml household bleach in 95ml water.

    dip the herl in the bleach, gently agitating it until the color changes, then transfer to a 10% vinegar solution to neutralize the bleach.

    then transfer to water

    let dry

    if the herl is stripped (no fibers left) decrease the bleach concentration, or decrease the time in the bleach solution, or both.

    These chemicals at the concentrations listed (5% bleach and 10% vinegar) are safe to use, there is no risk of chemical reaction affecting you. But do be careful with pure bleach when you're making the diluted solution.
    thanks SF. this is exactly what i am looking for !!!!!

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    Default Re: bleaching herl instructions ?

    Put them in a zip lock with some hydrogen peroxide. Slosh them around and get them good a soaked. Pour out excess liquid. Zip the zip lock and leave it in the sun and let it get hot for a week or so.

    You get bronze first and then the tone continues to fade until you have really light tan quill.

    To stop the reaction remove from the sunlight and rinse heavily in tap water.

    If you want a faster reaction, go get some hair bleaching stuff from the drug store for you preference of blonde and follow the directions. (If you go to far too fast the quill itself disintegrates.)
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