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Thread: beginner vise

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    ended up getting a griffin superior 2a vise, went with this rather then a spider due to it holding bigger hook size.
    plan on tying up some clouser minnows for my first flies in a week or two
    thanks for the help, appreciated

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    I started with the more basic of the two Cabela's vise and tool kits. Its a good start. I would recomend the one for $10 more that includes a hair stacker and some other useful things.

    If you already are kind of into tying and want a step into playing with the big boys try a Peak. I have one. It's not perfect, it's not pretty, it serves its purpose.

    I am getting a fancy Regal. Not just to say I spent the dough but, to tie a couple of patterns that require such a vise like the Messenger flies.

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    Vice finally showed up and I must say the quality is outstanding for a 60$ vice.
    Definetly would recommend griffin vice's.
    Hopefully I can get my first flys(clousers and deceivers) tied up in a week or two, being busy makes it hard.

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    Nice choice.

    I usually stop tying in the summer to free up time for fishing. I will really get back into in the rainy parts of fall and into the winter.

    Can't wait to see some flys.

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