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    Wink Re: Why Can't I Tie a Simple, Standard Tie Anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by random user View Post
    I wish I could be that successful!

    I'm always thinking of how to get more out of the fly, make it a little more natural / effective or how to get more blended/blurred subtle hues or colors into it to make it obvious that it is a forgery or make it move better in the water or something else along those lines.
    I view a tie (I need the basic) the same as do my cooking. Take the basic recipe and don't screw with it. Now that you know how it tastes the second one I'll start to play .... but alter just one ingredient. Tie a couple of those on different sized hooks; repeat with just a single change, etc.

    An example of the above is the simple Steelhead fly called 'The Skunk.' That evolved into the Green Butted Skunk, the Red, etc. 90% all these variations (usually) have only one change from the original. All work.

    Now you hit the water and rotate through the ties to see which gets the most attention (YOU HOPE!!)

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    Default Re: Why Can't I Tie a Simple, Standard Tie Anymore?

    Thanks or the opinions. Lots of good points. Been thinking about it.

    Also remembered the day when I would pop open a 100 box of 3906B's and tie 50 pheasant tails and 50-ish hares ears. Then open a box of 14's and repeat. Is odd remembering the days when I was used like slave labour because I had good eyes and fingers.

    I think part of the issues is I do it just because I can. I don't have to tie in all one color or match the standard. I know what has worked for me and how much I can get away varying form the standard.

    The other things which kept coming to mind is a possible simple appreciation of subtlety, or maybe I am sort of 'punch-drunk' from one too many rounds of the 'game of nods'.
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    Default Re: Why Can't I Tie a Simple, Standard Tie Anymore?

    I am a little OCD and ADHD when it comes to tying patterns. I much more enjoy free stylin'.

    I have found I will notice the colors of the stream bottom and the general overall feel of the color of the waters I fish. Mostly sandy light browns, to dark browns.

    I have been using UV flash a lot mixed in through the soft hackles and backs. As well I noticed that many injuries to pin fish and other little critters show up as almost a milky white color where the tissue is kind of dying. So lighter colored patterns work too.

    This is one of my own patterns that has been very productive so far. Uses partridge, uv flash, light brown dubbin with uv flash strip down back, gold wrap, partridge hackle tied in the dabbler style with a few strands of uv flash pinned back with hackle. Fish on!!

    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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