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s fontinalis 06-16-2013 10:07 PM

one for the blade...
GH. Kelson. 3/0 Lucas made Nobel HB hook.

Wing is folded on the right facing side. Left facing side wing, doesnt hide the tippet stems. Ribs are uneven, horns too short, roof buckled n the right facing side.

two weeks in the making, ready now for the blade....

This is what i get for not tying salmon flies for a while.


williamhj 06-16-2013 11:14 PM

Re: one for the blade...
Even your mistakes are impressive :)

s fontinalis 07-02-2013 07:55 AM

Re: one for the blade...
so i only took the blade to the wing, and put this new one on it last night.

Much happier with this version.
THe wing is built wing, with all elements on upside down and individually; tippet underwing, light bustard, dark bustard, golden pheasant tail, dark mottled turkey, green goose shoulder, then mallard roof and topping

mcnerney 07-02-2013 09:23 AM

Re: one for the blade...
Eunan: Awesome looking pattern, even the mistakes are impressive looking!

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