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    Default Re: Craft Store vs. Fly Shop (for materials)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    I used to use alot of the craft store craft fur before they began selling it in fly shops. The fly shop stuff that they have now is so superior that the old stuff is a waste of money.
    But with acrylic rug hooking yarn especially the Aunt Lydia's brand you're far better off getting it from a craft shop instead of shelling out for fly shop spooled "Antron" yarn or little packs of antron dubbing.

    I think the real finds are the seasonal stuff especially Christmas tinsels and Halloween wigs

    This hollow fleye is tied entirely from a "Don King" fright wig

    That's genius! I'm gonna be Don King for halloween this year
    "...Nympin' ain't Easy"

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    Default Re: Craft Store vs. Fly Shop (for materials)

    I'd stick with local fly shops or online fly tying material sellers for most of your hooks, tying thread, feathers and fur at minimum.

    Personally, I like to touch and inspect my hackles (both capes and saddles) and full skins of birds when buying these.

    And while you CAN buy peacock at either a craft store or other sources, you have to be careful they aren't brittle and don't snap when wrapping around a hook shank because they're "seconds" in quality intended for other purposes. If you've seen the difference between peacock herl selected specifically for fly tying and craft uses, you'll know what I mean. Tying materials are "plump and robust", craft materials are skinny and dull in stature in comparison.

    You need to avoid feathers that have been exposed to too much sunlight or have been sitting around for a long time too.

    Same is true with furs. You can get some nice fur patches at craft stores and second hand/thrift shops, but when it comes to deer, elk, antelope or bucktail... stick with your dedicated fly tying suppliers to avoid frustration with second quality materials.

    In these cases you tend to get what you pay for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enolaeagle View Post
    I probably should've mentioned what I would normally tie.

    Nymphs and dry flies. I also would tinker with streamers but I never got the knack of "deer hair" so I usually buy those related flies. I do actually need to buckle down and get better with deer hair.
    It's a smart fellow who knows when to just buy the fly, and when to tie them.

    Especially when you need over a dozen flies and you are pressed for time to tie all that you need.

    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Default Re: Craft Store vs. Fly Shop (for materials)

    I would say for synthetic materials a craft store may have a greater and in general "different" selection but I would stick to normal retailers for natural materials.

    I have only wandered into craft stores a few times and the few items I looked at it seemed to be fairly expensive when compared to generic bulk synthetics from online tying suppliers.

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