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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies


    Two nicely tied classics posed on the back side of a Wheatley box. I recognize the scratched aluminum. Thumbs up!

    What's your "bucket List" feather wing gonna be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick k View Post
    This is my bucket list fly. Now if I could just figure out how the hell to tie it.


    That's a real artsy fly there. Everything looks perfect to my eye. Some guys get all the talent don't they?....and then there's the rest of us. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cab View Post
    I'd just like to tie a GOOD pheasant tail. (Mine do catch fish!!!!!!)

    Nick, I'd have to turn you in- you didn't pinch the barbs on yours.

    So Cab,

    Do you tie the Original Sawyer style or the American version? Which pro or am tier suits your eye the way you would like like to tie them?

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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies

    This fly made a splash in Joe Brooks book "Complete Book Of Fly Fishing". Some tyers have added the red hackle tail in their material list so I tied it that way just in case.

    "The Sure Strike Special" a Denver tie by Jo Ann Durand who made national news with her success operating a fly tying business at the age of 14. Her scrapbook...New Page 2. I visited the fly fishin' shop on Federal Blvd. in Denver when I arrived in 1970, it's long gone. Jo Ann actually designed her own tying vise and thread holding can see her tools if you search the pics in her scrapbook.

    Here's how I tied the fly:
    Black thread
    Hook.. sz. 10 sproat 1xl saddle hackle ..body length oval tinsel
    Body ..peacock herl
    Collar.. brown hackle

    I wonder if she would have given me a job ?

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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies

    I'm liking your posting here, these things which are a sort of 20th century history of fly tying thing are interesting.

    It is this type content that keeps this forum growing and makes it truly informative.

    A very nice tie on that, by the way I still have many 'no hackle duns' in my old dry fly collection. Also a good post.


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    Quote Originally Posted by calftail View Post

    Two nicely tied classics posed on the back side of a Wheatley box. I recognize the scratched aluminum. Thumbs up!

    What's your "bucket List" feather wing gonna be?
    Just spotted this; heck I've tied hundreds, perhaps approaching a thousand, if I haven't tied it yet I wouldn't have a clue.................... I take that back, never tied a Rogans Royal Ghost, I think it's called.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies

    Rogans Royal Ghost needs a nail on the cheek..MO. But what do I know.

    Have you checked out the "Dr Mummy" post I made. I directed it at you, since you seemed interested in the pattern. Mumey is such an interesting guy and I thought folks would be interested . Oh well.

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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies

    What did he say.." I like to give 'em strawberry and cream ". My brother took this picture of Lee up in Liberty,NY before Lee died in an unfortunate plane crash in 1991.

    My shot at "The Royal Wulff". I think it's the prettiest fly to sit on the water surface. Picture doesn't do it justice.

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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies

    Lee used to work for the Garcia Corporation in Teaneck NJ and so did my Tante Thelma, she was head cook in their kitchen. Every year Garcia would have a Christmas party for workers and family and part of the get together was a raffle of fishing tackle. Lee would pull the ticket stubbs out of a hat and call out the number. I'd sit there with my fingers crossed and study the numbers on mine but alas was never picked. One year Uncle Fred won a deep sea trolling rod and reel. It was a beaut!

    It would be years latter when I finally figured out who Lee Wulff was. I always think of Tante Thelma and Uncle Fred when I tie a Royal Wulff.

    Anybody got one of those funky "Delta" fly reels?

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    Hey, Jo Ann Durand was my mother. She would have hired you in a second! Even though at 14 she thought that men had to large of hands to tie the more delicate patterns, you seem to have mastered the art. She gave me some personal instruction but I failed. I still have her vice and my brother has a display box of about 100 of her personally tied flies including the Sure Strike Special and her Wooly Worm. I have a poor picture of them from years ago, but I can maybe able to get more detailed pictures if your interested this Thanksgiving. Let me know.

    John A. Nelson

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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies


    What a surprise ! Your mom had quite a story and I hope you didn't mind me telling some of it.

    ....and as to pictures of her flies your offering to take, I'd love to see them. Joe Brooks has a picture of a couple of the Sure Strike Specials in his book The Complete Book of Fly Fishing and he rated the fly as one of the top fish getters out here in the west. That's quite a compliment coming from a trout fisherman of Brook's stature in the history of the sport. Unfortunately the pictures in the book are in black and white. It would be cool to see them in color.

    I'd bet my S.S. check your mom tied those very flies. If you'd like the book, I'll send it to you charge?

    When I moved to Denver over 40 years ago one of the very first places I visited was the Sure Strike shop up on Federal Blvd. It was January and it was snowing and I just couldn't wait to go fishing. I stopped in to find out what conditions were and get the latest "hot fly" information. We fly fishers are a crazed lot !

    Thanks for signing up on the Board and taking the time to make a post. Any stories your willing to tell.....we're all ears.


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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies

    Quote Originally Posted by calftail View Post
    Venerable choice! An eye please 'er for sure. Have you done a mixed feather wing yet?
    I love the classics but have always been put off by the cost of materials so I never went there really. I totally understand the addictive nature of tying those flies though.
    Its a popular misconception that those flies are expensive to tie. They CAN be expensive if you get shoulder deep in to it (i did), but starting out you can get all the materials you need including resaonable subs for the rare materials from a well stocked local fly shop (or online).

    Take your Jock Scott, that was the first atlantic salmon fly i tied, and poorly (I wouldnt recommend it be your first). Its archived somewhere on this forum. But all the materials i picked up at regular prices - though, there are a lot of different elements go into that particular pattern.

    Since i've gotten into classic atlantic salmon flies in the last two years, i've tied quite a few, often the same pattern over and over.
    Of those i've tied, these are my two favorites, both of which are in the hands of collectors.

    Green Highlander (Pryce-Tannatt version) THis one is a slight variant. Hook is 5/0

    Rosy Dawn (4/0 hook)

    Addicted To Vise Flies

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    Default Re: "Bucket List" flies

    I love green highlanders...they are one of my favorite flies to tie variants of. Last one I tied though ended up in a shadow box.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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