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kc8qvo 07-17-2013 08:36 PM

Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?
I am tying some streamers on 2/0 B10S hooks after a pattern I started tying on size 2 B10S hooks with Zonker Strips (rabbit fur strips) and a deer hair meat head but subbing Maribou instead of the Zonker Strips.

Any idea on how many feathers to use per hook?

I just tied one with 2 feathers each with fairly flimsy spines. I had to sift through a few to find them. When I did a test run in the pond to see what the action was like/how my rod cast it the fly came out extremely thin.

I'm thinking maybe 6-8 feathers per hook instead? That and I need to make the whole thing heavier to get it to go under the surface of the water better. Right now this one floats on top way too much.

I'm thinking, though, combining more marabou and weight will take it out of my 6wt rod's league. We'll see. It is an Orvis TLS 906-4, tip flex, with Scientific Anglers Titan Taper line - it has been a tremendous help with my bigger terrestrials and streamers thus far and has held me back from getting a heavier rod set up. These 2/0 streamers are going to push the limits when I get them dialed in I'm sure.

jaybo41 07-17-2013 09:39 PM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?

I have a few thought going through my mind but one thing that will yield better suggestions would be for you to post some pictures of said fly. You will need to upload your photos to photobucket or an image hosting website in order to display the image here.

Is this a specific pattern you are trying to replicate or is this freestylin?

When I have tied flies with zonker strips I often use a dubbing under the zonker strips and fold that over you might consider that. Arctic fox tail or raccoon are wonderful alternatives to marabou. When i tie intruder style flies, i use a dubbing ball to help support/flare out the hair. You could employ a similar technique with marabou.

For depth, add bead chain eyes or whatever type you prefer to give some weight to it. Alternatively, you could use lead tape or wire over the hook shank, tie it down and dub over that.

kc8qvo 07-17-2013 11:32 PM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?
I will try and get some pictures in the next couple days.

I figured I'd go ahead and tie up another and see how it went. This time I used about 6 feathers per hook. This looks like it will bulk up the fly where I am wanting it, but I haven't got it wet yet to see. That will be tomorrow morning.

One thing I tried was I tied 3 feathers back normally (towards the tail) on the front hook, then the other 3 I tried to spin around to bulk up the front. I don't think this worked too well - some of the maribou feathers were real stiff and I ended up with hoops of the feather spines sticking out a bit. I just clipped them to flatten them out some.

I also wrapped the front hook with galvanized steel wire for some weight - about 2 wraps from about 3/4 the way down the shank towards the hook on up to about 1/4. The fly has a noticeable amount more weight to it. I am really anxious to see how it works tomorrow.

So pictures to come when I get a chance, I will be pretty busy the next day or so. We'll see.

kc8qvo 07-18-2013 05:27 AM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?
I figured I would get a picture real quick this morning. So here ya go.

The bottom is the original zonker strip streamer. The top right is the first 2/0 and the top left is the second 2/0.

I am headed out here so I'll let you know how it does.

I did notice that when I spun the 3 or so marabou feathers on the front hook it sort of left it lop-sided. We'll see when it gets wet.

Ard 07-18-2013 11:39 AM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?

I tried to reply last night but the post was lost............ duh

I had said that 6 - 8 marabou feathers sounded like a lot and that it is what the fly looks like in the water that counts. They all look pretty thin / skinny when we remove them from the water.


s fontinalis 07-18-2013 11:45 AM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?
i think you've way too much marabou on there.
One feather should be enough, and if you tie it in correctly, you can have it rotate around the shank of the hook for an even coverage.

Most of the big streamer tyers that i know of use only one. Dont forget that marabou will pulsate in the current as the fly is stripped.

I"m curious to why you are going to 2/0 hooks? i've tied big streamers on the size 2 B10S, and that is a lot of hook at that size.
Dont over think the tying, keep it simple. To weight the fly, use a lead (or non-lead) underbody.

kc8qvo 07-18-2013 05:50 PM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?
Thanks for the replies.

I got the new version out this morning with the weight and more feathers. I like it. The fly stays thicker in the water and it does not look like the shape is off much. The meat head is ugly as can be, but I don't think the fish will mind.

As to the 2/0 hooks - I wanted to make some big streamers so I picked the 2/0's. I have a pack of #2's that I tie my zonker streamers with. I just figured bigger fish = bigger fly = bigger hook.

The weighted fly works really good for what I had envisioned - the weight does in fact make it sink. With the heat wave we have here the fish are dug in deep so that is the only way to get to them. That having been said, the weight is too much for the 6wt rod to cast properly. I think the next one I tie I will use half the added weight. I want to get the fly to hover just under the surface, not ride on top and not sink.

The next one I tie I will use a little less marabou and see how it comes out. Before long I'll need to make another run to the fly shop for more :). That's OK - at least it is cheap, $2.50 a pack. I do wish I could find longer deer hair for the meat heads. The stuff I have is pretty short for the size streamers I'm tying.

flytire 07-18-2013 07:19 PM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?
wow thats a lot of marabou!

kc8qvo 07-21-2013 10:20 PM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?
I tied up another streamer this evening. It is drying on the vice. I coated the deer hair meat head with daves flexament. My hope is it soaked in to the wraps around the shank to secure it all better. This specific fly I broke the thread about 5-6 times pulling on it pretty good (waxed nylon thread - the guy at the fly shop got me on to it about a year or more ago because it is supposed to be stronger than the stuff I was using).

In any event, I used less marabou on this one and pushed the tail hook back about 1/2 further back. The deer hair meat head is double the quantity or so that I used before - 4 layers vs. 2. The amount of steel wire I used is a bit less. Hopefully it is enough to get the streamer to sink below the surface, but not dive too quick.

I'll get a picture tomorrow after it dries up.

kc8qvo 07-22-2013 05:34 AM

Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?
Here are the pictures.

I think the flexament on the meat head made the hairs pack together instead of flair out like normal. Oh well. The rest of it I am happy with. I am curious to see if I hit the weight right this time.

I just noticed the last two pictures aren't real clear, but I think you get the idea.

Next step is to get it wet and see how it does.

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