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Kerry Pitt 07-19-2013 11:11 PM

I know they are not for everyone but it is not every day you find a reasoable deal on a used one.
VTG Norlander NOR Vise FLY Tying KIT Portable Dubbing Table Bobbin KIT Spool LOT | eBay

Ard 07-19-2013 11:57 PM

Re: Nor-Vise
Do you use one of these Kerry? By the looks of the bidding the price will be going up..............

I have been using a Renzetti Traveler for almost 18 years now and really like it. Going backward from the Renzetti I used a Thompson 360* (kinda rare) then a Thompson 'A' all the way back into the early 70's. The model 'A' had replaced a bad Sunrise which had replaced the stamped Sunrise that came with the original kit in the previous decade............

I'll probably finish with the Renzetti

Kerry Pitt 07-20-2013 10:06 AM

Re: Nor-Vise
I bought a setup about two years ago, then bought all of the attachments that I thought I might use which actually was not all of them LOL. I love it because you can use it as a fixed vise a rotary vise or a spinning vise which is where it has the advantage. It suits my mood when it comes to tying, you know sometimes you want to crank out a few in a bit of a rush or others you just want to tie and enjoy the finesse of each step. The system is very well thought out with one of the heads that Norm provided for the folks who just couldn't deal without the fine jaws even though the smaller head is suitable for almost every smaller size.
It may go up, but it is the older style vise so I suspect if it does it will be because someone does not realize it.
The other advantage to this system is the Auto Bobbin and truthfully even if I went back to a different vise I will never use any other kind of bobbin again for thread.

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