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    Default got me new vise...

    Kinda a combo birthday/graduation gift to myself.

    The Cottarelli T-Rex. I got a screaming deal on it, so pulled the trigger. Think i'm gonna sell the Anvil Atlas now.

    Comes with two jaws, both of which are removable.

    This is a 1/0 salmon hook. with the two secure points, you wouldnt believe how little pressure i had to put on the jaws to get the hook secure, and "bend" without slipping. Great for those fine japanned hooks i'm working with.

    This is a size 7 wet fly hook

    There is a full range of motion of the head, rotary and it can be pitched to near vertical to allow easy access to the fly/hook, in the second photo i've pitched it up a bit.

    There is another head set, with smaller jaws (i didnt buy it) for smaller hook, but i think what i have will work just fine for me.

    A few other accessories include waste catcher, tool rack, sight board and bobbin cradle, all of which mount to the vise. I didnt get any of those either, but might pick up one or two at a later date. The joints are incredibly tight and the craftsman ship is second to none. All these vises are made by hand in Italy.

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    Default Re: got me new vise...

    Eunan: Sweet looking vise, congrats! As much as you tie you deserve a vise like that.

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    Default Re: got me new vise...

    wow thats a fancy looking hook holder
    Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them.


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    Default Re: got me new vise...

    That is a sweet looking vise. I've not seen one with two hook holders before. For deer hair bugs and big saltwater stuff I can see the utility. Its purty too.
    Me, I'm like a freaking jack in the box today sticking my head out the door to see if my new Montana Mongoose has arrived. Its not as cool as yours, but I'm still like a kid on Christmas morning.

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    Default Re: got me new vise...

    Eunan, congratulations on your purchase! If anyone is deserving of a high end vise, it would be someone with tying skills such as yours! That one's a real stunner!
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    Default Re: got me new vise...

    Beautiful Eunan! I was looking at their website , that vise does everything but make you coffee! The tube fly attachment is cool and the legs on the travel model look very unique! Enjoy!
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    Default Re: got me new vise...

    that's a vise for a virtuoso like you

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