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    Default The Mongoose Has Landed!

    Happy Day! My Griffin Montana Mongoose arrived today. Now granted it is nowhere near as cool as Fontanalis' Cotarelli, not even in the same league. But that's ok because I'm not in his league when it comes to tying either.

    This thing is just a blue collar rotary, and is ugly as sin. Compared to the Italian vices or the Dyna Kings it looks like a left over prop from Fire Fly or Mad Max. And that to me is a good thing, as I'm a redneck tyer and 90% of what comes off that vice will be streamers for bass, panfish and inshore saltwater stuff, none of it pretty, so having an ugly vice seems appropriate.

    But lord that thing will hold a hook. I tied up a half dozen 1/32nd ounce bluegill jigs this afternoon. You could not budge the hook. Setting the tension was easy, the cam lock was smooth, and no need to horse it closed like on my kit vice.
    The rotary feature is going to take a bit of a learning curve, but it sure makes wrapping chenille and tinsel a lot faster. Despite some hiccups, I tied those jigs in record time. I can't honestly say its better than the Renzetti I was also looking at, but frankly I'm glad I won the bid in this one. Its solid, there a number of adjustments and the ergonomics are great. For the $130 I paid for it I have zero complaints. The plastic pistol case it comes in doesn't suck either and having a clamp and a pedestal is nice. Now I just need to tie some real flies and really test it out.

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    Default Re: The Mongoose Has Landed!

    it's always nice to hear when somebody is pleased with their purchase.

    You wouldn't have been disappointed with the renzetti
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    Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them.


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    Default Re: The Mongoose Has Landed!

    Congrats on the new vise! Sounds like a great fit for what your intended tying will be.

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