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Thread: Bought my first Hair Stacker

  1. Default Bought my first Hair Stacker

    I bought my first Hair Stacker.

    I am so stubborn I never used one before.

    Of course, I limited myself to flys that don't use bucktail also.
    I am so stubborn.

    So I took it up to the counter at the fly shop, and the smart Fly Fisherman asked if I had the right size that I wanted?

    Answer: "Size? I didn't know they came in Sizes!"

    ( He new then he was dealing with a real genius, I bet, because I had one for Pike Flies...etc.!)

    I told him I was tying some Grasshoppers.

    Had I ever used one?


    Did I know how to use one?

    Answer: "Um....not really!"

    So he showed me how to use it.
    (That was a surprise, because I was sure, per usual, that the ole Brucer knew everything about everything).

    So now I have a real Hair Stacker, and it comes in 2 parts
    and I didn't even know there was more than 1 solid part, but even a Know--It--All will, you know, forget a little here and there owing to the large size of our brains where deep thoughts get lost.

    I remember going to a fly tying clinic last year, where this nice volunteer was trying to convince me that since I was Right-Handed, that I should turn the vise so that the Hook Eye was toward my right hand.
    I politely told him that, "No, you cannot persuade me because I am tying this way."
    I don't remember why I, a right hander, had the vice facing my left hand, but as one of the original "creative" fly tyers
    on Earth, nobody was gonna shove me around! That was for sure!

    (I was brimming full of self-confidence that night. The Angels would have been proud.)

    He was a nice, wise old fellow who asked me several times, nicely, whether he could persuade me to turn the vice to face my Right hand and such. After many refusals, I finally changed, because he was trying to help and was so nice to me, and I didn't want to be Rude.

    I never meant to be Rude, it's just that I am so stubborn, and because I know everything, which he obviously didn't, and my scale about what is Rude doesn't seem to start until someone slaps me around a little, and then, It occurs to know, like;
    "Oh, I see what yer sayin'. Your suggesting that I'm not listening! Oh yeah! Well um...sure, if you put it that way!"

    (Maybe you've seen a guy like that, once?)

    So he showed me for example, not to spool 15" of thread off the bobbin, when I go to wrap the thread on the Hook Shank.
    You know, stuff like that.

    The problems with learning Fly Tying, you know, is probably the Teachers, right?

    Students like me are ready, willing and able, but the lack of good instruction amazes me sometimes.

    .ha ha ha
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    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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