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    Default Re: Where to begin in CO?

    just went through your scenario exactly, started tying last summer. Here is what I started with and kind of went from there..

    1)Rainbow warrior, really simple tie once you get the hang of handling the materials.
    2)Barr Emerger Bead Head, again fairly easy but will teach you alot about using sparse dubbing bigger sizes like 14 are effective and easy to learn on bigger hooks.
    3)Hares ear, same as Barr Emerger
    4) Pheasant Tail
    5) Blue Poison Tung....super simple tie, great fly to get comfortable tying with. Great fly to start tying smaller versions like 18's and 20's. You can mix up colors too.I've had great luck with a purple thread, gold bead/wrap variation.

    I personally don't tie dries since 90% of fishing I do is nymphs and midges. I maybe go through a few dozen dries a year and had quite a stock built up.

    Here is a RS2 I started tying last year and I repeatedly have great success with. Size 20 Dai-Riki 125, Black thread,Black pheasant tail fibers for tail, hot orange wire x-sm, orange emrger yarn or chenille...really whatever you find

    Terrible pic/Sample but great fly

    Also I bought a ton of midge micro tube in various colors and mix it up. This one is a 2 minute tie but very effective
    again Dia-Riki 125 size 20, blue micro tube, clear plastic bead and 2 strands of peacock herl for the thorax

    "The fish you're gonna find up here, you're gonna find; Rainbow,Cuttbow,CuttBrowns,Brownbows,RainBrowns,
    CuttyRainbrowns, Pike ,Perch"

    "Snap it" Hank Patterson

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    Default Re: Where to begin in CO?

    Thanks again!

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